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Enter the top 10 – pick a random post


So it’s home straight time, but with 90 tracks down, and 10 to go up, I’ve just discovered a “random post” feature – just click the link below to be taken to a random entry from the past three months of the countdown. There’s a permanent link to randomness in the sidebar, too.

Give me a random post!

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  1. 14/12/2009 4:15 pm

    You can use it as an oracle of sorts. Ask a question, receive an answer.

    Q: What’s today going to be like?

    A: Super Furry Animals – Slow Life

  2. Dougal permalink
    16/12/2009 12:33 pm

    Nice game. I got Beck – Guess I’m Doing Fine. And I guess I am.

    Brilliant start to the top 10 mate. Although I am nervous for you as we approach the big one…

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