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15. The Futureheads – The Hounds of Love


Most cover versions are attempts at either humour or homage, with varying degrees of success. And while The Futureheads’ attack on Kate Bush has both, in spades, it also has an innate joy that gleams from the record’s every groove. It’s a joy that lifts it above other reimaginings – there are surely few songs that sound as gleeful and as glorious as this, original or no. It actually helps that, aside from a common melody, The Futureheads’ version doesn’t owe much to Kate Bush – that sense of detachment allows it to become its own song. The bellowed backing vocals at the start, the mighty guitar downstrokes that herald the first chorus – these are straight from The Futureheads’ own playbook, and the accompanying sense of anarchy in making light of such a po-faced, earnest record is hugely entertaining. With the rich Mackem accent proudly unhidden and the football-chant delivery, this is a less a cover version, more a transformation: The Futureheads have taken a song of prattling sincerity and created a piece of wide-smiling delight, a boisterous terrace chant of untrammelled joy.

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  1. simon permalink
    10/12/2009 11:08 am

    If uni taught you one thing it was that this is a Mackem accent!

    Great choice.

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