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27. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Get Ready For Love



Yup, that’s love alright. In its sound, if not directly in its lyrics, Nick Cave’s song is perhaps a far truer treatise on how love can really feel. Brace yourself, he’s saying – this isn’t bunny rabbits and roses, this is mad-staring eyes, searing intensity, semi-coherent rants. This is relentlessly pounding drums and praising “until you’ve forgotten what you’re praising him for”. And woah, does it sound exhilarating. The Bad Seeds are in their most joint-rocking, feedbacking guise, and Cave’s voice snarls and quivers with every beat of his chest. The gospel choir seems less conducted, more simply moved. But it’s not all up-to-11 tubthumping; as with all Cave’s greatest songs there’s a moment of clarity – a message of sorts – in the final verse, when he describes searching high and low for this mighty love, only to finally find it “burned into the retina of your eyes”. It’s a poignant, personal image within a blazing arrangement, and makes love seem intensely powerful and appealing – as long you’re ready for it.

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