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29. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place



A sort of musical JFK-moment, this – everyone can tell you where they were when they first heard Everything It Its Right Place, so shocking and significant was its sound. Such was the excitement surrounding Radiohead’s follow-up to The Greatest Album Ever Made®, its first track was always going to be heralded, but few must’ve expected something so spectral and gaunt. Away from its cultural significance, though, the track is an alluringly hypnotising piece of music it its own right. The detached, free-associated lyrics help shift the music into its own self-constructed, pristine shell, leaving the soft pulse, looping Rhodes and clipped vocal samples to reverberate around in a sort of unblemished, ageless world. Of course, Everything In Its Right Place also acted as the overture, or maybe the midwife, to Kid A, the album that would alter countless perceptions of what constituted rock music in the noughties, and is endlessly significant for that role. But even in isolation, the song is a gorgeous piece of shape-shifting, mellifluous electronica.

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