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35. Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy



The first half of the video for Dayvan Cowboy consists of footage of US Air Force superman Colonel Joe Kittinger II making the highest ever parachute jump (over 100,000ft, fact fans). As Kittinger plummets towards the earth at 600 miles per hour, thinly shimmering and cracked guitars splinter around the track, offering a paradoxical feeling of simultaneous stillness and blistering velocity that  could have been composed with the visuals already in mind. Then the song’s canopy opens up and the hurtling becomes swirling, with Boards of Canada trumping their chill-out peers with a change of pace that both startles and calms. Pastoral and hazy, the rich string parts and spooky synthesisers render Dayvan Cowboy less of a song and more just a cinematic sketch, and after saying its peace, it drifts off into the ether from which it sprang.

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