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41. Peter, Bjorn & John featuring Victoria Bergman – Young Folks



Whistling – the domain of ukulele-bothering, washboard-toting skifflers and dock-of-the-bay bluesmen, right? Well, mostly. But it’s different on Young Folks, and the unexpected use of such a familiar sound is lovely. Over a bustling and fidgety bongo-led rhythm track, the cheery simplicity of Bjorn Yttling’s whistle offers a wonderful juxtaposition: although the melody is tinged with sadness, its delivery also carries a calmness. To add to that serenity, there’s also the humble little duet that plays out two lovers’ infatuations with one another: “All we care about is talking/talking only me and you”. So self-involved are they that they may as well be whispering, and neither vocalist’s inclination to project only adds more space to an already understated but very pretty song.

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