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45. Four Tet – She Moves She



Everyone knows the drill for a classic pop duet: Person A does a turn (let’s, for simplicity, call him “George”), then after a minute or two, Person B (for argument’s sake, “Elton”) takes centre stage, while George ad libs in the background. Elton then has a moment to himself, then George, and finally everything is tied up with a mutually harmonising Big Chorus. There follows a moment of post-collaborative calm and embracing, and you’re done. Keiran “Four Tet” Hebden is clearly aware of this formula – despite working in the stadium un-friendly genre of avant garde electronica, he puts together a perfectly paced double-act with She Moves She. However, the difference – and brilliance – is that Hebden’s two performers here aren’t over-egoed warblers, but machines. Substitute George with a pulsating, endlessly cycling glockenspiel-cum-sitar sound, and Elton for a dismembered laptop buzz with a faulty connection, and you’ve got a brilliantly inventive take on a time-honoured formula. Futuristic but oddly familiar at the same time, She Moves She is great advert for teaching old tricks to new dogs.

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