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50. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)



In the majority of cases, the role of the remix is to offer a different viewpoint on a track, not necessarily to make a superior version of the existing song. Occasionally, though, the latter does happen, as with this reworking of La Roux’s pop bouncer. The transformation is remarkable: Skream empties out the duo’s synth-pop arrangement, leaving just the vocal intact and rewriting the bassline to offer a broodier and seedier set of harmonies. He also halves the speed of the song, instantly offering the arrangement acres of space, leaving Elly Jackson’s voice to reverberate in its own hysteria and around the grim dubstep beats. But this isn’t just noteworthy because of its radical take on the original – Skream’s remix stands alone as an absolute belter of a club track too. Heard over a huge PA, his subtly undulating bass production does funny things to your internal organs and makes entire rooms start to shake – as a slow-mo earthquake strikes the dancefloor, the track becomes far more than just an auditory experience.

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