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54. CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above



It takes a certain kind of performance to really do justice to a song about screwing – too much sass just gets irritating, too much approachability and it all becomes a bit dull. Sure, CSS are helped considerably by featuring a carefree Brazilian up front with the kind of baby-voiced broken English usually reserved for cheap B-movies and internet porn, but still, if there’s no frisson, no sense of danger, then you may as well have Jimmy Hill explaining the offside rule. Thankfully, though, Lovefoxxx’s looks and accent aren’t her only virtues here – there’s something magically unhinged and manic throughout her delivery that’s supremely sexy. Even on the crass, faux-vulnerable “kiss me I’m drunk” line she manages to sound coquettish and confident, playfully aware of her own behaviour, and the tinny disco groove that fizzes along underneath her sets the scene perfectly. “These were my secret evening plans”, she sings with that same self-control, “wine then bed then more then again, wine then bed then more then again” – a song like this won’t love you in the morning, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun while it lasts.

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