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55. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – There She Goes, My Beautiful World



From the darkest recesses shine the brightest lights, perhaps. Here Nick Cave makes one of his greatest ever songs out of having crippling writer’s block, and although as a concept that’s pretty much as paradoxical as it gets, the gusto and sheer walloping force of the song renders it all perfectly natural. Oddly though, for a song that sounds like such a lightning strike of inspiration, There She Goes is really an ode to toil over spark, to working hard over being lucky, and it’s that theme that makes the song so empowering and joyful – at least in part. The other factor is of course the absolute and unswerving, almost myopic self-belief both from Cave and from the musicians he fronts. In this kind of form, it doesn’t matter about the noble and democratising sentiment – Cave could be singing Mary Had A Little Lamb and you’d feel compelled to go and shout it from the rooftops. Rabble-rousing like a preacher banging his fist on the pulpit, it’s a pleasure to revel in Cave’s theatrical escapism here. If something as exhilarating as this really is 99% perspiration, then maybe there’s hope for us all.

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  1. Will H permalink
    02/11/2009 1:40 pm

    Nice one Teece, I bloody love this song

  2. simon permalink
    14/12/2009 8:42 pm

    RandomPost: Love this song…and it reminds me of drives to Oxford in the heavy rain.

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