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59. The Chemical Brothers featuring Tim Burgess – The Boxer



Him out of the Charlatans? And the Chemical Brothers? In 2005? Go on, shudder. This is, after all, three ageing Britons, whose stars have long since faded, attempting a sort of nu-soul futuro-funk strut. It shouldn’t work. But the old dogs have learnt new tricks – the Chemical Brothers’ bouncing, glitchy backing track is indebted to the groups they once inspired like Digitalism and Justice, and Tim Burgess’ new home in Los Angeles seems to given him some genuine Californian soul to replace the mock-Cheshire one that use to pervade his old group. The west-coast pop sound is also in brilliantly full force when, with a minute left, the track breaks down to a capella Beach Boys harmonies before rising into the fade-out. They might not have been wearing day-glo tees when they recorded it, but The Boxer is a brilliant lesson in keeping an open mind. When this collaboration was revealed, who’d have really though that the Chemicals and Burgess could make such swaggering, propulsive and urgent soul music?

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  1. simon permalink
    27/10/2009 9:17 am

    Nothing wrong with mock-Cheshire soul!!

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