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62. Boom Bip featuring Nina Nastasia – The Matter (Of Our Discussion)



So timelessly pretty is The Matter’s melody that it’s easy to imagine it, in another time, as an acoustic campfire song or a sultry one-last-song in some 1930s jazz bar. Its modern treatment, however, all crisp, close and hushed, elevates it from the earthly pleasures of a torch song and up to somewhere altogether more celestial, with all the accordant impressions of purity and calm. While Boom Bip’s ambient backing track rustles through its progression with elegantly restrained fizzles, the real heavenly element is Nastasia’s vocal, which hits like ice-cold spring water on the back of the throat, refreshing and cleansing but also reality-heightening. Despite the nihilism and sadness of the lyrics, Nastasia’s delivery never overdramatises, and that self-control only adds to the calm and increasing sensitivity. Hypnotic and cascading, The Matter is another track that could happily double its running time without becoming boring, but even as it is, it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

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  1. shiningsteve permalink
    06/03/2017 4:12 pm

    I came to this site looking for the lyrics to this song. I’m so pleased you put it in your top 100, it’s one of my favourite songs. The lyrics are beautiful – I love the lines about the seabirds in the last verse, really poetic. I’ll check out the rest of your list now.

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