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69. Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn



The title of this track is not just another of Aphex Twin’s prank words – it actually means “sailboat” in his native Cornish, and once the image of a little ship bobbing on the high seas is overlaid on the track, the endless ripples and eddies that throb throughout take on a different, almost wistful character. Sure, Vordhosbn is still a foreboding, dense piece of work, but the lilting toing and froing of the synth line gives the overall impression of wanting to soothe rather than sandpaper your eardrums. Indeed, as the final 40 seconds or so does away with the beats, the mood lifts from discombobulating clatter to a kind of bucolic calm you could almost describe as beautiful. That weird, skewed beauty, twinned with an ongoing sense of mutation, makes Vordhosbn addictively replayable – with every rotation, it’s like asking a magician to repeat a sleight of hand in order to further unravel his riddles.

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