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70. Youthmovies – Archive it Everywhere



It takes a certain kind of mind to want to write a love song about an asthma sufferer’s malfunctioning lungs. Then for that mind to create and deliver it with such passion and tenderness is something else, placing Archive It Everywhere squarely into the category of “how the hell did they come up this?”. The comparison of faulty alveoli to cauliflowers and contracting sea anemones has an instant poetic resonance to anyone who remembers GCSE biology, and although the “it” of the title is ambiguous (oxygen? Love? Ventolin?), the lead-up line, “I know I’m being soft and saccharine, but this thing is rare”, has so much romantic zeal that it almost doesn’t matter. And then there’s the music: odd-length five-bar phrases sandwich a 9/8-time middle section, and yet it never feels complicated or abstruse – indeed, as the middle-section builds, the rocking back and forth of the irregular beat only heightens the romance, and then when the McCartney-esque melody returns for the final minute, the wistfulness is complete. There’s much to admire about a song this unconventional appearing so effortless.

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