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79. The Young Knives – The Decision



There are plenty of songs kicking around that celebrate unconventionality, but few that sound so manically desperate to be reassured of their rightness. The winning line here is “that decision was mine!”, sung with the disturbed insistence of a downtrodden drone who’s finally resolved to take control of his own life, regardless of what that may mean. His list of counterintuitive actions becomes increasingly mad, starting with fashion (“I wore the blue with the green”) going through Hamlet (“I played the Dane with a smile”) and finally ending with sovereignty (“I am the Prince of Wales! I am your monarch!”), and with each affirmation the image of Michael Douglas in Falling Down, frustrated with quotidian irritation and picking off innocent commuters, comes more into view. The I’m-so-bored Buzzcocks guitars and incessant pounding drums sit with the tone of the lyric effortlessly, and when Henry Dartnall finishes by proclaiming, “Good news! That decision was mine!”, there’s a sense of almighty catharsis. Full of gusto, disquiet and fidgety twitches, The Decision is a weird kind of fanfare for the common man.

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