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88. Bjork – Unison



It sort of makes sense to end an album about intense sex, filthy sex, submissive and romantic sex with a song about marriage (or at least about commitment). But this is no “Goin’ to the Chapel of Love” – perhaps predictably, Bjork’s opinion is far from conventional: She paints the commitmentophobe’s picture – she has her “own private branch” and “thrives best, hermit style” – sounding proud of her independence but nonetheless uneasy. But the timid delivery is cast aside when she turns her thoughts to reciprocated love, and the smile in her voice as she sings “let’s embrace, let’s unite” is quite infectious. But what of her cherished independence? It’s still there, despite the devotion: “I can obey all of your rules and still be me,” she sings, defiantly. Amid the rush of the choir and strings in the final two minutes, the idea that a marriage is one of the most wonderful things two people can experience seems obvious. Presented like this, it’s intense and dizzying, and, in the context of the 11 songs that precede this on the Vespertine album, it’s a pretty sexy idea too.

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