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100. Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine


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It may appear wilfully absurdist to describe the first song in a review of a set period of history as timeless, but that’s exactly what Hello Sunshine is – and its timelessness is what renders it more than just a simple lilting love song. Its melody may be a hybrid of Hey Jude, Harvest Moon and Caroline No, but mindless 70s pastiche is avoided when the traditional lullaby lyric is given a modern twist: this is not a love song, both characters are ugly and have fallen out with one another, and the object of Gruff Rhys’ affections is both a national embarrassment and probably not worth pursuing anyway. Combine this post-millennial boredom/disaffection with the pretty tune, and throw in ‘minger’, that most noughties of words, no fewer than four times in a single verse, and you have a curiously charming anti-love song.

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  1. 16/09/2009 4:39 pm

    Good start, fo’sho. BUT… presuming there are other SFA songs in this 100 coming up…

    …though, thinking about it, they do have a lot of output that might actually fall into the nineties… hmmm…

    …we await with bated breath…

  2. Sam permalink*
    16/09/2009 5:52 pm

    Well, no spoilers, obviously, but all I will point out is that SFA have released twice as many albums in the 2000s as in the 90s… Whether any of the other songs contained within have really really grabbed me – well, that’s to be seen!

  3. 16/09/2009 7:52 pm

    And it’s off! Woo!

    I’m willing to bet (a very small amount) that Gruff’ll be back in some way or other. I know which collaboration I’d choose…

    Y’know, I only recently discovered that ‘the other bloke’ in Neon Neon* was Boom Bip. Weird.


    * Not who’d I’d pick, btw.

  4. 18/09/2009 3:31 pm

    Was just directed to you via @tomewing on Twitter… interested to see how your countdown pans out – I’m well into my own similar countdown of my Top 100 songs of the decade, if you’re interested, at


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